Raffaello Rossi
Schera GmbH
Grundtalring 22
63868 Großwallstadt

T +49 6022 5089 – 111

Raffaello Rossi

Raffaello Rossi trousers always have the perfect fit. The trouser manufacturer from Großwallstadt not only propagates this omnipresent promise, but actually keeps it. Ralf and Brigitte Schellenberger are a couple to whom the often casually used expression “authentically in every sequence”, applies. In the management of their company, in their dealings with people and in relation to the product. Values such as honesty, credibility, down-to-earthness and passion for one's own actions have become an exception in fashion. At Raffaello Rossi they are lived and applied and not least this fact is one of the reasons for the success and reputation that the couple has built up step by step over the course of the brand's 20-year history.


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