Our passion is to spread news and tell stories so that everyone will be talking about you.

A new spa, a new chef or even a new hotel? News spreads like wildfire. We help you to ensure that this is done at the right time to the relevant recipients in the appropriate language. An exciting history, an exciting package? We create stories around your product so that your company remains in contact with your target audience even between major events. No news, no topics? We will develop some with you. Because Story Telling is a matter of creativity and not chance.

Because beautiful pictures alone are not sufficient. We see the Big Picture and what suits you.

Social Media Marketing polarises and yet is indispensable. We see it as an opportunity, not as a threat. Because with the right strategy, it is an efficient and effective way to address your target audience in a targeted manner and without great wastage. We can help you. Be it by coaching you, managing your channels, coordinating your blogger and influencer marketing, we support you where it brings the greatest benefit.

We express emotions and experiences in words so that the whole world can participate in your unique product.

If you communicate directly with the end customer, authenticity and liveliness are indispensable. With a great deal of finesse, we grasp what you really want. And put into words what awaits the guest in your hotel so that the anticipation rises immeasurably. Whether we already support you with the creation of the Corporate Wordings, or on this basis your new website or brochure texts sketch, we are equally pleased.

You do great work and we ring the bells.


Faulhaber Marketing Services
Landstrasse 43a
8450 Andelfingen
T  +41 44 500 21 98

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