The Caminada Group and The Living Circle acquire Schauenstein Castle and cooperate

Fürstenau/GR, March 25th 2022The Caminada Group and The Living Circle jointly acquire the properties in Fürstenau operated by the Caminada Group from the Heinrich Schwendener Foundation and establish Schloss Schauenstein AG, based in Fürstenau, for this purpose. The announced property purchase creates a long-term and sustainable solution for Fürstenau. The partners aim to cooperate on various levels and further enhance the Fürstenau location.

In addition to the purchase of the properties in Fürstenau, the Swiss family-owned The Living Circle Group AG also acquires a minority stake in the operating company Caminada Group AG. The board of directors of Caminada Group AG is now composed of Sarah Caminada, Andreas Caminada, Jürg Schmid and Gratian Anda. Andreas Caminada is delighted: “We have been managing Schauenstein Castle as tenants since 2003 and have developed successful and sustainable concepts for the use of the surrounding historic buildings over the years. Our energy and passion for Fürstenau have always felt like something of our own.” The self-employed top culinary expert reveals that he actively approached The Living Circle after the current landlord became aware of her intention to sell. “I am very pleased that the purchase now creates actual ownership of the properties we operate and that today we can announce a new future at the Graubünden location together with The Living Circle.”

In Fürstenau, the Caminada Group operates the boutique hotel Schloss Schauenstein, which has been awarded 19 GaultMillau points and 3 Michelin stars, the vegetarian fine-dining restaurant “Oz” and the Grisons inn “Casa Caminada” with restaurant, rooms and bakery. Following the success of Andreas Caminada’s gastronomic concepts, Fürstenau is known beyond the country’s borders as a place for the highest hospitality culture and special experiences of pleasure.

Many things in common – an ideal partnership

Speaking about the new partnership, Andreas Caminada underlines the great potential of the alliance: “With The Living Circle, we are gaining a strong partner that focuses on top quality, regional roots and products from its own agriculture in its hotels and its gastronomy offering. This is a perfect match for our principles and at the same time gives us additional entrepreneurial scope to further develop Fürstenau with new ideas.” The Caminada Group will continue to be managed independently by Sarah and Andreas Caminada.

As partner hotels of The Living Circle, the restaurant and hotel businesses of the Caminada Group benefit from the group synergies and will in future appear with the brand addition “a partner of The Living Circle”. “The creativity and culinary virtuosity displayed by Andreas Caminada and his team inspire us. We want to contribute to extending this even further in Switzerland and abroad. In this way, we also strengthen the gastronomic location of Graubünden, which ideally complements our hotel group,” says Jürg Schmid, President of the Board of Directors of The Living Circle Group AG.

Hans-Peter Märchy, President of the Heinrich Schwendener Foundation, expresses his delight: “The Heinrich Schwendener Foundation is transferring Schauenstein Castle and various other properties in Fürstenau to the Caminada Group and The Living Circle. This will further promote the sustainable development of this special location by Andreas Caminada and his team. The Heinrich Schwendener Foundation is delighted about this and wishes the two partners every success.”


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